10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (2023)

10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (1) Sharon Hurley Hall

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In 2020, being a good leader is more important than ever. Whether you're dealing with difficult economic times, the need to diversify your workforce, or another pressing issue, the way you lead your company makes a huge difference to employees' motivation and your future success.

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According to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, 64% of people expect CEOs to take the lead on policy rather than wait for governments. But how can you lead effectively if you don't feel confident as a leader? A good leader makes a good team, so it's important to develop leadership qualities.

The good news is that leadership skills can be learned. In this guide, I'll share ten top attributes of a great leader that entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders should work on.

Why It Pays to Develop a Good Leadership Style

Before we get into the key characteristics of a leader, let's look at why it matters to your business. One of the key words to describe a great leader is inspirational—someone who excels at motivating others to take responsibility and to excel.

Good leadership sets an example that others in the organization will follow. That's why Inspirational leaders get more from their employees. And that, in turn, makes for a happier and more productive workplace.

Some of the key qualities of a good leader include communication, social responsibility, integrity, empathy and vision. In the rest of this guide, I'll explore these and other leadership qualifications, outlining what they are, why they're important and how you can improve or develop these skills.

1. Communication

Communication is the act of, or ability to, give and get information. Communication isn't just about listening and speaking, or reading and writing, but also about observing non-verbal cues.

Unsurprisingly, good communication is one of the most important qualities of a leader. Being able to communicate well means everyone on the team will understand your expectations. Equally important, you'll understand what matters to employees and what's happening in any interaction.

Some ways to improve your communication skills include:

  • Learn to read body language and other forms of non-verbal communication.
  • Ask questions to encourage team members and employees to share their thoughts.
  • Focus on key points to avoid wasting time.

Learn more about improving communication skills in the following articles:

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2. Connection

When thinking about what makes a great leader, the ability to connect with people throughout the organization in a genuine way is another important quality. When people feel connected to you, then you've got a stronger company that's better able to cope with whatever situations it finds.

T-Three Consultancy says you can become a more connected leader by:

  • learning more about your employees
  • helping them to deal with challenges and develop skills
  • being vulnerable, and asking for help when you need it

3. Integrity/Trustworthiness

According to Edelman, 56% of people don't trust those who stay silent on important issues. More than ever, customers expect businesses to show their ethics—and abide by them. In other words, companies and their leaders must do the right thing.

10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (17)10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (18)10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (19)

One key reason to do this is to safeguard your reputation. Ethical businesses also result in better employee performance and retention. If you're going to show your integrity as a leader, it makes sense to:

  • Define your values and the company's values.
  • Create a code of conduct or code of ethics.
  • Make ethics part of performance evaluations.
  • Live by the code you've set out.

Find other resources on how to be an ethical leader in:

  • What Is Ethical Leadership? How to Be a More Ethical LeaderAndrew Blackman14 Oct 2021
  • How to Build Employee Loyalty (AndWhy It Matters)Andrew Blackman20 Aug 2021

4. Social Responsibility

Some people see big business as having a "take, take, take" attitude. But what they want to see, especially young consumers, is businesses that put something back.

Like integrity, showing corporate social responsibility can help your brand get known for the right reasons. And you can help people, too. So, consider:

  • purchasing resources for a charitable organization
  • donating money for a good cause
  • encouraging employees to raise funds for a good cause

Learn some other ways to give back to your community in the following article:

  • Community Involvement: How to Be a Company That Gives BackAndrew Childress21 Nov 2019

5. Decisiveness

At some point, a leader's got to lead. A big part of that is making timely, well-informed decisions. Get it right, and your business will thrive, but even a decision that later turns out to be wrong can provide valuable information.

While decisiveness is one of the key qualities of a leader, you'll need to develop this skill by:

  • creating mechanisms for collecting key business information
  • communicating regularly with executives and employees
  • using dashboards and tools to help you to understand and evaluate information
  • having a clear perspective on your business goals

Get more tips on making decisions in the following articles:

  • What Are the Problems With Groupthink? +How to Avoid ThemAndrew Blackman16 Jan 2023
  • How to Quickly Make a Decision Tree in PowerPoint By Customizing Templates (+ Video)Alexis (Lexi) Rodrigo24 May 2021

6. Empowerment

Empowerment is all about helping people in your company to grow and succeed. It's important because people who feel stuck or unhappy will want to leave. In contrast, those who feel empowered will stick around. That gives your business the benefit of their experience.

So, what is a good leader to do to empower employees? Try:

  • understanding what interests them and how they'd like to progress (performance evaluations or informal chats can be a good way to find out)
  • giving employees a chance to take responsibility for a project, and supporting their decisions
  • providing training and learning opportunities for employees
  • mentoring employees to help them to develop their own leadership skills

Learn more about employee training and mentoring in the following articles:

  • 10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Invest in EmployeeTrainingAndrew Blackman13 Oct 2021
  • How to Make a Great Employee Training Plan (For Small Business)Andrew Blackman31 Aug 2021
  • How to Be a Mentor in Your Workplace in 2021Andrew Blackman23 Aug 2021

7. Empathy

Empathy is one of the leadership qualities that's sometimes underrated, yet it's one of the most important. It's essential to see your employees as whole people rather than worker drones. And it's also important to understand that their lives outside the office might affect their performance inside it.

10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (68)10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (69)10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (70)

As an empathetic leader, you'll develop a deeper, more trusting relationship with your employees. After all, 90% of employees believe empathy is an important workplace value. Often, they'll be inspired to put more into their work, which will be good for business.

To work on empathy, try this:

  • Ask more questions.
  • Listen attentively to the answers.
  • Avoid judgment.

Learn more about developing empathy in the following articles:

  • 10 Ways Your Business Benefits From Having a More Inclusive Leadership TeamAndrew Blackman12 Dec 2022

8. Delegation

As an employee, one of the most annoying experiences you can have is having a leader who micromanages. It suggests that the leader doesn't trust you and it's a huge disincentive to stick around.

One of the best leadership qualities is knowing how to delegate a task. Successful delegation stops leaders from being overwhelmed and develops employees' skills. To delegate successfully, you must:

  • Choose the right person for the job.
  • Set out your expectations clearly in terms of outcomes, deadlines and accountability.
  • Provide support without taking over.

You can also provide incentives for successful completion of important tasks.

Learn more about leadership and business in the following article:

  • How to Overcome Big Problems When Running a Small BusinessJulia Melymbrose27 Feb 2021

9. Transparency

People work more effectively when they understand what they're working towards. That's why transparency is another of the characteristics of a good leader.

When employees feel that information is hidden, it creates a culture of mistrust, and rumors can run rife. Put everything out in the open, and it quells the rumors and creates an atmosphere of openness.

Some of the ways I've seen leaders cultivate a culture of transparency include:

  • creating dashboards with key business metrics that all employees can access
  • sharing roadmaps for product development openly
  • blogging about the company culture, achievements, and even failures

10. Vision

As a leader you need to know where your business is going. Having vision is all about the big picture about where you want your business to end up. Your vision will incorporate many of the other leadership qualities. You'll think about what your business stands for as well as its products and services.

Having vision as a leader will help you steer your business the right way. Here are some more resources to help you articulate and act on your vision.

  • How to Write a Great Tagline for Your Business (+Workable Examples)Julia Melymbrose25 Aug 2022
  • How to Manage the 5 Stages of Small Business Growth SuccessfullyAndrew Blackman27 Mar 2021
  • How to Plan a Successful Small Business Exit StrategyAndrew Blackman26 May 2017

3 Business Leaders Who Show Leadership Qualities

Wondering who is an example of a good leader? Here are three people who have the attributes of a great leader:

1. Richard Branson

As mentioned earlier, the ability to communicate is one of the fundamental leadership qualifications. Richard Branson really exemplifies communication skills. He's also in touch with world events. Plus, he's quick to give a thoughtful and empathetic response on his personal blog, like his response to the 2020 global pandemic.

2. Ben & Jerry's

10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (107)10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (108)10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (109)

This is a recent example of social responsibility and integrity. In the wake of the death of George Floyd, and the resulting protests, many companies struggled to know how to respond. Not so Ben & Jerry's.

The company posted a letter on its blog and shared it widely, titled: "We Must Dismantle White Supremacy." What's more this wasn't just a performative action: racial justice is one of the causes the company cares about, so there's more content and, importantly, more action.

3. Dan Price

For me, the story ofDan Price, founder of a card payments company, highlights the leadership qualities of integrity and empathy. And you can bet his employees felt empowered, too.

He realized that while he himself was a millionaire, a lot of talented employees were struggling to make ends meet. So, he mortgaged his homes, cashed in his stocks and used his savings to offer employees a minimum salary of $70,000 a year. His employees have been able to pay off debts and start families as a result.

Learn More About the Qualities of a Good Leader

To learn more about leadership, corporate social responsibility, and change management, check out the articles below:

  • 12 Best TED Talks of All Time (For Business Leaders in 2022)Laura Spencer27 Aug 2021
  • How Your Business Can Fight Homophobia and Protect All Employees (IDAHOBIT Day 2020)Daniel Strongin17 May 2020

Start Building Your Leadership Qualities Today

I've shared lots of resources on leadership qualities in this article. Now, it's over to you to figure out what will make you a good leader in your company.

Did you find this post useful?

10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders (128)

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Professional B2B Writer, Anti-Racism Activist and Educator

Sharon Hurley Hall is a professional writer, an anti-racism activist, speaker and educator. Her B2B writing has been published on Amex, Square, Taboola, BBVA, OptinMonster, and CrazyEgg, Sharon is certified in content marketing and email marketing.Firmly committed to doing her part to eliminate racism, she is the Founder and Curator-in-Chief of Sharon’s Anti-Racism Newsletter. In this weekly online publication, Sharon writes about existing while Black in majority-white spaces, and amplifies the voices of other anti-racism activists. She has written and ghostwritten articles for companies and non-profits looking to show up authentically with their DEIB and JEDI content. In addition, Sharon is a Co-Founder of Mission Equality, an EdTech startup empowering leaders to lead the way to the equality, and the author of an anti-racism essay collection, I'm Tired of Racism.Sharon has also worked as a journalist, an editor, and a senior journalism professor at Coventry University in the U.K. A speaker and podcaster, Sharon is the co-host of The Introvert Sisters podcast, and has been a featured presenter at events by The National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health, SIETAR DC, The Equality Practice, and Jim-Ree Museum Inc. Sharon holds MA degrees in Media and Cultural Studies, and in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. She helped develop and teach the MA Journalism program at Coventry University in the UK.


10 Top Leadership Qualities for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and other Business Leaders? ›

A manager must possess some of the same qualities as an entrepreneur, like leadership, accountability, decisiveness etc. He must also be a good manager of people. So qualities such as warmth and empathy are also very important in a manager.

What are the top 10 leadership qualities that make good leaders? ›

The Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader
  • Strategic & Critical Thinking. ...
  • Interpersonal Communication. ...
  • Authenticity & Self-Awareness. ...
  • Open-Mindedness & Creativity. ...
  • Flexibility. ...
  • Responsibility & Dependability. ...
  • Patience & Tenacity. ...
  • Continuous Improvement.

What are the qualities of manager and entrepreneur? ›

A manager must possess some of the same qualities as an entrepreneur, like leadership, accountability, decisiveness etc. He must also be a good manager of people. So qualities such as warmth and empathy are also very important in a manager.

What are the 7 leadership qualities of great leaders? ›

While some people might naturally be drawn to management roles, good leadership is a combination of skills that anyone can master.
  • Strategic thinking. ...
  • Delegation. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Integrity. ...
  • Empathy. ...
  • Flexibility. ...
  • Enthusiasm.
Jul 30, 2021

What are the 14 qualities of leadership? ›

Top 14 leadership qualities
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Focus.
  • Empathy.
  • Loyalty.
  • Empowerment.
  • Decisiveness.
  • Responsibility.
  • Vision.
May 6, 2023

What are the 10 strength of an entrepreneur? ›

The ten key talents of successful entrepreneurs are: business focus, confidence, creative thinking, delegation, determination, independence, knowledge-seeking, promotion, relationship-building and risk-taking.

What are the 10 Ds of successful entrepreneurs? ›

A great paper by Iowa State Extension lists the 10 D's of Entrepreneurs: Dream, Decisiveness, Doers, Determination, Dedication, Devotion, Details, Destiny, Dollars, Distribute. These elements of the entrepreneur's persona are the core of what makes an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur.

What are the 13 characteristics of a successful entrepreneur? ›

13 entrepreneurial leadership skills
  • Effective communication. Entrepreneurial leaders communicate effectively with other leaders and members of their team. ...
  • Confidence. ...
  • Self-efficacy. ...
  • Collaboration. ...
  • Growth mindset. ...
  • Determination. ...
  • Optimism. ...
  • Curiosity.
Feb 3, 2023

What are the 10 responsibilities of a manager? ›

Here are several additional responsibilities that typically fall under management roles:
  • Goal-setting responsibilities. ...
  • Training and development. ...
  • Administrative tasks. ...
  • Team and individual organization. ...
  • Leadership. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Time management. ...
  • Reliability.
Jan 17, 2023

What is the best quality of a manager? ›

  1. Transparency. Energage research shows employees at Top Workplaces feel well-informed about important company decisions. ...
  2. Good communication. Good managers are great communicators. ...
  3. Trust. ...
  4. Empathy. ...
  5. Decisiveness. ...
  6. Vision. ...
  7. Accountability. ...
  8. Employee development.

What are the 8 essentials in leadership? ›

8 Essential Qualities That Define Great Leadership
  • Sincere enthusiasm. True enthusiasm for a business, its products, and its mission cannot be faked. ...
  • Integrity. ...
  • Great communication skills. ...
  • Loyalty. ...
  • Decisiveness. ...
  • Managerial competence. ...
  • Empowerment. ...
  • Charisma.
Feb 8, 2018

What are the 7 C's of leadership success? ›

The Social Change Model of Leadership based on seven dimensions, or values, called the “Seven C's”: consciousness of self, congruence, commitment, common purpose, controversy with civility, collaboration, and citizenship. All seven values work together to accomplish the transcendent “C” of change.

What are the 6 types of good leader? ›

The six most common leadership styles are:
  • Transformational Leadership.
  • Delegative Leadership.
  • Authoritative Leadership.
  • Transactional Leadership.
  • Participative Leadership.
  • Servant Leadership.

What are the 21 qualities of a leader character? ›

These qualities are as follows: Character, Charisma, Commitment, Communication, Competence, Courage, Discernment, Focus, Generosity, Initiative, Listening, Passion, Positive Attitude, Problem Solving, Relationships, Responsibility, Security, Self-Discipline, Servanthood, Teachability, and Vision.

What 11 characteristics does effective leadership revolve around? ›

  • Self-Managing. ...
  • Acting Strategically. ...
  • Being An Effective Communicator. ...
  • Being Accountable And Responsible. ...
  • Setting Clear Goals And Persisting In Achieving Them. ...
  • Having A Vision For The Future. ...
  • Fostering Creativity And Innovation. ...
  • Team Building And Promoting Teamwork.
Mar 22, 2017

What are leadership qualities 11? ›

Top 11 Qualities Of A Good Leader
  • Think about some of the most influential leaders in your life. They could be family members, mentors, co-workers, celebrities or even historical figures. ...
  • What is Leadership? ...
  • Empathy. ...
  • Confidence. ...
  • Creativity. ...
  • Accountability. ...
  • Transparency. ...
  • Delegation.
Apr 29, 2021

What are eight 8 characteristics of leaders? ›

8 Must-Have Leadership Qualities
  • Share Their Vision. A good leader must have a strong idea of where to go, how to get there, and what success looks like. ...
  • Lead By Example. ...
  • Demonstrate Integrity. ...
  • Communicate Effectively. ...
  • Make Hard Decisions. ...
  • Recognize Success. ...
  • Empower Others. ...
  • Motivate and Inspire.

What are the 4 types of leadership qualities? ›

Today, there are a variety of leadership styles in business, but the four primary leadership styles you'll be exposed to include:
  • Autocratic.
  • Democratic.
  • Laissez-faire.
  • Transformational.
Mar 14, 2022

What are 7 abilities of an entrepreneur? ›

Here are 7 skills that any entrepreneur can apply to their journey today:
  • A vision. Know exactly what you want. ...
  • Ask questions. Question yourself, your plans, your strategy, your business plans and your decisions. ...
  • Passion and energy. ...
  • A work ethic. ...
  • Create an opportunity. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Sales.

What are the 15 fundamental characteristics of a successful entrepreneur? ›

Here are 15 characteristics you can improve to become a successful entrepreneur:
  • Creativity.
  • Passion.
  • Motivation.
  • Product or service knowledge.
  • Ability to network.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Optimism.
  • Vision.
Nov 30, 2022

What are the 4 values of entrepreneur? ›

4 Core Values of Entrepreneurs
  • Honesty. Honesty and integrity are key to a good professional life. This means being honest with yourself as well as others. ...
  • Dedication. There are no real get-rich-quick schemes. ...
  • Mentorship. Success is never a solo venture. ...
  • Innovation. The world is a big place.
Nov 12, 2021

What are the 9 qualities of a successful entrepreneur? ›

9 Characteristics Every Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed
  • Vision. Visionaries are people who are able to create new trends or maximize existing trends in the marketplace. ...
  • Optimistic. ...
  • Responsible. ...
  • Risk Taker. ...
  • Able to Prioritize. ...
  • Motivational and Inspiring. ...
  • Structured and Consistent. ...
  • Values Focused.

What are the 9 things lifestyle of successful entrepreneurs? ›

9 Things All Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Believe
  • 9 Things All Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Believe. ...
  • Value is the key to get success. ...
  • Believing in building relationship. ...
  • Integrity and trust. ...
  • Believe in the power of focus. ...
  • Motivation is a dead end. ...
  • Failure is an ally. ...
  • Competition is healthy.
Dec 11, 2019

What are the 9 types of entrepreneurs? ›

Nine Different Types of Entrepreneurship
  • Small Businesses. Small business entrepreneurs start and run businesses within their community. ...
  • Large Firms. ...
  • Startup Entrepreneurs. ...
  • Scalable Startup Entrepreneurs. ...
  • Social Entrepreneurs. ...
  • Imitative Entrepreneurship. ...
  • Innovative Entrepreneurship. ...
  • Buyer Entrepreneurship.
Jan 19, 2023

What are the 5 C's of entrepreneur? ›

Breakthrough tech entrepreneur Chinedu Echerou is urging budding businesses to observe what he calls the 'Five Cs of Entrepreneurship' - credibility, clarity, conviction, capital and concentration in execution.

What are the 6 characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset? ›

6 Traits of People with the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • They're creative thinkers. Challenging conventional thinking is a key trait to people with an entrepreneurial mindset. ...
  • They take action! ...
  • They listen! ...
  • They see the big picture! ...
  • They learn from experience. ...
  • They want to have an impact!

What are the six traits of entrepreneur? ›

The 6 essential traits of entrepreneurship are as follows: Visionary, Passionate, Problem Solver, Risk Taker, and Responsible. Either you have all of them, or you don't.

What are the 5 rules of a manager? ›

At the most fundamental level, management is a discipline that consists of a set of five general functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. These five functions are part of a body of practices and theories on how to be a successful manager.

What are the 3 most important roles of a manager? ›

All managers must be comfortable with three main types of activities or roles. To do their jobs, managers assume these different roles. No manager stays in any one role all of the time, but shifts back and forth. These roles are leadership (or interpersonal), informational, and decision making.

What is the greatest strength of a leader? ›

  1. Self-awareness. ...
  2. Situational awareness. ...
  3. Excellent communication skills. ...
  4. Effective negotiation skills. ...
  5. Conflict resolution skills. ...
  6. Collaboration skills and intercultural sensitivity. ...
  7. Ability to work with different personal styles and approaches. ...
  8. Being able to make courageous or difficult decisions.

What makes a great leader and manager? ›

Leaders and managers – a necessary symbiosis

Good managers need to be open to new ideas, they need to adapt to unsuspecting change, expect excellence from their employees and communicate regularly and efficiently. Likewise, leaders need to be able to demonstrate these skills too.

What are the 3 qualities that make a good manager? ›

Good managers care about and take care of their teams. You can have all the traits of a good manager — strong communication skills, active listening techniques, and confidence — but if you don't care about your team members, those other leadership qualities don't matter.

What are the 3 important skills of a successful entrepreneur? ›

The following are a few characteristics required to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • Communication. Every entrepreneur needs to be an effective communicator. ...
  • Sales. The soft skill of sales goes hand-in-hand with the communication necessary to be successful. ...
  • Focus. ...
  • Ability to Learn. ...
  • Business Strategy.

What Big 5 personality quality is the strongest predictor of successful leadership? ›

Among his findings: Extroversion is the strongest predictor of leadership and agreeableness is the weakest.

What are the 7 principles of leadership? ›

Seven leadership principles to follow
  • Belief in the purpose.
  • Taking full responsibility.
  • The ability to move on and forgive.
  • Humility.
  • Optimistic and realistic.
  • Value others' opinions, confidence in your own.
  • Self-acceptance.
Jun 10, 2019

What are the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People leadership vs management? ›

According to Covey, personal and professional success is going to be achieved by adopting these seven habits: 1) be proactive, 2) begin with the end in mind, 3) put first things first, 4) think win-win, 5) seek first to understand, then to be understood, 6) synergize, 7) sharpen the saw.

What are the 9 core tasks of leadership? ›

Gardner states that there are nine tasks of leadership. These tasks are envisioning goals, affirming values, representing the group externally, serving as a symbol, achieving a workable level of unity, explaining, motivating, managing, and renewing.

What are the four 4 most important leadership characteristics? ›

Effective leaders are competent, skilled, secure, and considerate. These leaders find time for everyone; they are genuine and authentic in their communications and actions.

What is leadership 7.5 strategy? ›

In 1994, after two straight years of record financial losses, CEO Ron Allen rolled out a new strategy called “Leadership 7.5.” Allen aimed to reduce Delta's cost per available seat mile (CASM) from more than 10 cents to 7.5 cents, which would match that of major competitor Southwest Airlines.

What are the six A's of leadership accountability? ›

Kouzes and Posner suggest following the “Six A's of Leadership Accountability”: accept, admit, apologize, act, amend, attend. Leadership isn't easy and in a constantly changing world, things like credibility and competency can seem elusive.

What are 10 characteristics of a good leaders? ›

The Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader
  • Vision. ...
  • Inspiration. ...
  • Strategic & Critical Thinking. ...
  • Interpersonal Communication. ...
  • Authenticity & Self-Awareness. ...
  • Open-Mindedness & Creativity. ...
  • Flexibility. ...
  • Responsibility & Dependability.

What are 5 effective leaders? ›

What makes an effective leader? While the answer to this question can vary widely based on the industry, the results from a number of studies by Michigan State University show that effective leaders share five essential skills: innovation, vision, inner values, inspiration, and communication.

What are the big 5 for leaders? ›

These personality traits move along a continuum, and one can exercise non-preferential behaviors when necessary. The natural leader defined in Big Five terms is resilient (N-); energetic, outgoing and persuasive (E+); visionary (O+); competitive (A-); and dedicated to a goal (C+).

Which Big 5 trait is most predictive of leadership ability? ›

Extraversion has the greatest relevance to the perception of leadership and effectiveness. Openness to Experience - Openness to New Experience is a characteristic of generally mindful and creative individuals. The effect is a sense of originality and creativity in their actions.

What is the Big Five personality of a CEO? ›

Specifically, the study focused on what's known as the “Big Five” personality traits of CEOs: conscientiousness, neuroticism, extroversion, openness to experience and agreeableness.

What are the 7 importance of leadership? ›

Seven important leadership qualities that help leaders build influence and trust with team members are accountability, adaptability, authenticity, good communication, compassion, self-awareness, and flexibility. These qualities enable leaders to forge strong connections that result in exceptional performance.

What are 3 skills for strong leadership? ›

Adaptability, empathy, and contextual problem-solving. If you're a new manager looking to grow your leadership skills, you may be thinking that you need to be more authoritative and confident, and to focus on quickly driving results.

What are the three 3 C's of an effective leader? ›

Competence, commitment and character -- three equal, but required traits -- none more important than the other. Leadership is both an art and science, and requires practice to hone, but mastering the three "C's" will provide a strong foundation upon which to grow.

What are the 10 types of leadership? ›

10 Types of Leadership Styles
  • Autocratic or Authoritarian Leadership Style. ...
  • Democratic or Participative Leadership Style. ...
  • Laissez-faire or Delegative Leadership Style. ...
  • Bureaucratic Leadership Style. ...
  • Visionary Leadership Style. ...
  • Affiliative Leadership Style. ...
  • Pacesetting Leadership Style. ...
  • Coaching Leadership Style.
Feb 14, 2022

What are the 6 key traits of leadership? ›

What Are 6 Traits of a Great Leader?
  • Acting with Vision.
  • Taking Risks.
  • Effectively Solving Problems.
  • Having Accountability.
  • Creating a Positive Culture.
  • Building Strong Relationships.

What are the 4 C's of effective leadership? ›

Competence, character, connection and culture are critical for effective influence and leadership. The theoretical framework, "The 4C's of Influence", integrates these four key dimensions of leadership and prioritises their longitudinal development, across the medical education learning continuum.

What are the 4 A's of leadership? ›

We as leaders must constantly be Aligned, Accountable, Authentic, and Aware.

What are the 4 mindset for effective leadership? ›

Leadership research conducted by GP Strategies uncovered the need for four particular mindsets to lead effectively: growth, inclusive, agile, and enterprise. Inside a steady-state or business-as-usual environment, these mindsets can ground leaders, helping them support their teams, each other, and their organization.


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